Caged with an Orc by Erin Rookwood (ePUB)

caged orc, erin rookwood

Caged with an Orc (Blood Debt #2) by Erin Rookwood – Free eBooks Download


Once a year, a human is sent to the orcish city of Maznagh as tribute. They do not come back.

In the ashes of a fallen kingdom, Katla Maran lives a quiet life in Stormwatch, a lone village in a wilderness plagued by vengeful orcspirits. But with the bodies piling up, Lord Urren blames Katla and the enchanted weapons she creates, and she is sentenced to the fate everyone in Stormwatch fears.
Katla expects to die, but when an orc steps in to save her life, she’s thrown into a cell right next to the monster.
Rakash of Clan Yagnar never expected to find his mate. Now she belongs to him, yet he still cannot have her.
Rakash always knew his mate was out there. He just didn’t expect her to be human. Now she owes him a blood debt – a whole month of her life in exchange for the blood he spilled to save it – and she has to spend it imprisoned right next to him. But Rakash knows how to be patient. He will have Katla, caged or not.
The ancient orcish custom is clear: he saved her life. Now he must claim his share.
All Katla wants is to go home. But when Rakash discovers her magic, she finds herself drawn into an orcish civil war a hundred years in the making. Now she must make an impossible choice between the home that cast her out and the monster she can’t help but be drawn to.

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