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Cade (MC Sinners #5) by Bella Jewel – Free eBooks Download


The MC SINNERS continues with Cade’s story. Continue the love affair as Addison and Cade navigate his past. It’ll either make or break them. I guess you’ll have to continue to find out. Enter, if you dare.

You all know her story.
You’ve lived it. Felt it. Breathed it.
The focus has always been on her.
Why wouldn’t it be? She’s the fucking sunshine.
She changed my life.
She made me the man I am.
So, I kept my story hidden, in the darkest depths where it belongs.
My life is good, and I have no desire to change it.
That is until my feisty, fiery, stubborn woman decides to make it her mission to find out what secrets lie beneath the surface.
There is no voice of reason.
She won’t hear me when I tell her that I don’t want her going down that road.
Rocky, jagged, and broken – she’s tearing us apart in her quest to find answers.
She doesn’t want those answers, because gone will be the picture she created of me in her already shattered mind.
I’ll no longer be the man who rescued her, who changed her life, who made her better.
Instead, I’ll be cast aside with all the other villains in her story.
Because, if she keeps on digging, I’m going to become the monster in her mind.
I can’t let that happen.

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