Cadaver on Canal Street by Brenda Trim (ePUB)

cadaver canal, brenda trim

Cadaver on Canal Street (Twisted Sisters Midlife Maelstrom #2) by Brenda Trim – Free eBooks Download


Throwing the perfect party for a siren’s birthday is hard enough. Keeping the fussy client happy while trying to stop a killer might be more than the twisted sisters can handle.
When Dahlia is suddenly thrust into the future during a seemingly ordinary meeting, the sisters find themselves at a loss. Lia is haunted by visions of murder, but no one knows who they can turn to for help.
With a persnickety siren demanding an under-the-sea themed birthday party, the sisters could just dive deeper into conch shells, seahorses, and starfish. But when a dead woman is dumped on a busy road, it seems hunting for a killer none of them can identify is now their most important job.
Besieged by zombies, embracing new abilities, and navigating the mounting tension with the Voodoo Queen makes this adventurous new midlife more complicated by the day. The sisters no longer fit in the mundane world, but it seems the magical realm doesn’t want them either.
Time to put on their big girl pants and show both worlds what they’re made of.

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