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By The Horns (My Fated Zodiac Harem #2) by Ursula Fleet – Free eBooks Download


I was a normal girl living a normal life. Now it turns out I’m not even human.
I met a living constellation and fell in love. He kept me in the dark about who I am, and I screwed up even worse. I went out for fresh air, that’s all. But New York’s creepiest cult leader found me.
Twelve Zodiac constellations up there are watching out for me—plenty of light to go around, even with three of my men already on Earth. But this labyrinth is not their world or mine.
It’s his.
I’m up sh*t creek, and my best paddle is probably making eyes at a plate of cheese. Sweet, stubborn Taurus is the only one who can move heaven and earth to charge to my rescue… if it isn’t already too late.
I have to outwit my captor and outrun his idea of pets: monsters that go squish in the night. This cult’s tentacles reach further than we knew. They’re hell-bent on using me—exploiting the superpowers I supposedly have—to their own ends.
To the end of the world.

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