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Butterfly Prince by Britannica Tany – Free eBooks Download


“His wings shield a shattered soul.”

Were the words imprinted in Skye’s notebook, a piece of herself she left behind in hopes that her younger brother would choose the right path and not hold onto his anger.

Flickering flames and crackling portraits were the sounds that engulfed the castle, when Kael Lennon, the shrouded prince, was ten years old and his memories of her were forgotten, burned away by flames. His mother and father, the esteemed King and Queen of Melia, took it into their hands to keep such memories gone from his mind forever and to keep him shielded from the outside. But as he grows older, such secrecy becomes nearly impossible and they finally decide to let him discover the world. But blue skies and sweet flowers are not the only things Kael becomes interested in.

Aiden Kim, a twenty-two year old college student who harbors his own resentment and jealousy towards the King and Queen, hides within himself a secret. But more than anything, he just wants to meet the Prince who took away the star of his life and ask him why?

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