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butcher, hazel jonas

Butcher (Mortal Corruption #1) by Hazel Jonas – Free eBooks Download


The first moment I meet him, he ignites my desire. The next moment he kills a man in front of me.

I shouldn’t have walked into my former supervisors’ office that day—but I needed a job. Instead of a job, I wake up in an alien spacecraft piloted by Lys, six feet of ripped assassin warrior who doesn’t care about chivalry and is furious I interrupted his hit.
To stay alive, I play his game. Only the game morphs into reality. No matter how twisted we are together, I give in.
And when I discover I’m being framed for the murder he committed, I have no choice but to make him need me—my survival depends on it. I look into his dark, tortured eyes and know that his survival depends on it, too. What began as insatiable desire has become so much more. . .

Butcher is a dark sci-fi romance and can be read as a standalone. This novel contains disturbing content that may be offensive to some readers.

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