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Butcher (Riding With Wolves #3) by Faith Winslow – Free eBooks Download



My plate is pretty full. I’m a biker and a musician. I’ve got a 9 to 5 job, lots of friends and associates, and a busy “home life.”

The last thing I need is any more complications—or any unnecessary attention. But, unfortunately, that’s just what I got…

Up until now, I’ve managed to keep my identity and personal life a secret, but some snarky reporter recently caught wind of my music and started writing about it. And, now, I’ve got fans and groupies coming at me from all angles, including one who just might get more than she’s after…


I swear, I’m not a “groupie” or anything, but I’m totally fascinated with a local musician named John “the Butcher” Crane.

He plays the guitar like a god, and is one sexy devil when he does it. But, of course, he isn’t perfect. He’s totally unapproachable and keeps to himself—and, I, for one, am not okay with that. I’m determined to meet him and find out about the man behind the music, and I’m not gonna stop at anything until I do…

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