Bury Me Before You Go by LC Lehesaho (ePUB)

bury me, lc lehesaho

Bury Me Before You Go (Pandemonium #1) by LC Lehesaho – Free eBooks Download


Cierra Cera
My visit to Preston was supposed to last three days – go to my father’s funeral, look devastated, and fly back home without a backward glance.
I would’ve nailed it, but the two-headed dragon, aka my mother, had different plans. Now I’m stuck in a city run by satan’s spawns while my dear mother plots to steal the throne. That’s the shitshow I have no intentions of getting a ticket to, so I need a getaway plan and quick.
When Quentin Valentino, the son of my mother’s nemesis, walks into my life like a gift from God, I don’t think twice. Everyone has dirt under their carpet, and all I need is a little dust of the Valentino’s, and this girl books her ticket far, far away.
Only if this gorgeous package wrapped in an Armani suit would’ve come from Heaven…
No matter what Blue Öyster Cult says – you damn should be scared of the Reaper.
It will not only take your soul, but it will also try to steal your heart while sharpening the scythe.

BMBYG is for a mature audience only and contains explicit scenes. Also, some parts might be triggering (dub-con, non-con, drug use, abuse, etc.)

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