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burning secrets, ella cooper

Burning Secrets (Mystery Town #1) by Ella Cooper – Free eBooks Download


The son of a rich and powerful businessman, the daughter of an international billionaire. Their lives should have been easy, perfect. But they weren’t…

I like my own company. There is a good reason for this. My past is not – good. It’s been difficult, more so than I really want to explain. It seems that at every turn, something crawled out of the shadows to knock me down.
Then she arrived. A whirlwind of activity, excitement. She was the one that could pull me out of living like a recluse in my mountain home.
She was beautiful, a free spirit – but there was something behind the eyes, more to her. She intrigued me, beguiled me, made me want her.
She was an artist – unlike any I had seen before – except one.
She broke through all my doubts, all my defenses – she reached into my heart and shook me awake.
But she came with demons, as did I.
We didn’t realize that our demons were shared, linked, intertwined.
And they were dangerous, more dangerous that we could have imagined.
I wanted her – more than anything. I would do anything for her.
I would risk my life to have her, keep her safe.

I was a runner. Not like an athlete – I was a runner from life, from trouble, from pain. All my life I had been defending myself from people who would do me no good.
But this place was different. It felt like I was destined to be here. Like I had a link that was yet to be discovered.
And of course he was here – the rugged, handsome mountain man. He was a recluse, and I knew he had seen pain as well.
We were thrown together by fate, and then fate kept us joined.
The more we knew about each other, the more we had to know.
I wanted him – I wanted to ease his pain, to help him.
My heart ached for him – and so did my body.
I wanted to make everything alright for both of us.
We would have to overcome incredible odds, incredible challenges.
But I knew that with him by my side, and him by mine, we could take on the world and win.

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