Burning for the Billionaire 4 by Hope Paris (ePUB)

burning billonaire 4, hope paris

Burning for the Billionaire 4 by Hope Paris – Free eBooks Download


Their chance at happily-ever-after is burning up…

I’ve finally solved the mystery behind Rowan Cavanaugh… and it’s nothing like I expected. Getting closer to him only leaves me with more and more doubts. He’s way out of my league – and I could never date a billionaire.

My secret is out – and it will either make or break our relationship. I’ve kept my past hidden from everyone, but now I’ve opened my heart to Grace… and I won’t let her go without a Hell of a fight. No matter our differences, she’s mine.
The clock is ticking for Rowan and Grace. When somebody Rowan trusts goes behind his back and tries to push Grace out of his life, he’s forced to reveal his big secret. Just when he feels like he’s smoothed things over between them, the truth about his fortune threatens to leave their relationship in ashes. Rowan has never felt this way about any other woman before.. and he’s determined not to let her go this easily.
But the pair are playing with fire. Will their love affair only lead to them both getting burned? And will Rowan’s deepest fears about their relationship come to pass?

As the fourth book in Grace and Rowan’s suspense-fueled love story, this installment is another steamy firefighter romance read that’s perfect for fans who love mysterious billionaire bad boys, loveable curvy women, and plenty of excitement.

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