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Burner Account by L.A. Witt – eBooks Download


Isaiah Cole escapes his everyday life as a schoolteacher by debating—and trash talking—online under a fake name. For the past four years, his internet persona has been getting closer and closer to another user. They’re friends, and there’s even a little flirtation now and then… but the guy doesn’t know Isaiah’s real name, and they’ve never seen each other’s faces.
Until now.
Of all the men who could be behind his friend’s avatar, Isaiah is stunned to learn he’s been chatting with Tanner Jeffries, a jaw-droppingly gorgeous forward from his favorite hockey team.
As soon as they’re face-to-face, the chemistry is off the charts. They’re as inseparable in person as they are online, and their only regret is not doing this sooner.
But eventually, the novelty is going to wear off. And when it does…
How much can a broke, overweight average Joe actually offer a hot, rich, younger athlete?

Burner Account is an approximately 80,000-word standalone M/M hockey romance.
CW: discussions of school shootings/active shooter drills

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