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burn for me, shae sullivan

Burn For Me (Wanderer MC #1) by Shae Sullivan – Free eBooks Download


He’s no knight in shining leather…but this biker knows how to make you burn for him. Leo Mullen always knew he would end up in The Wanderers MC. Growing up, his tight-knit family dished out as much tough love as they did stolen guns. The club was as much a part of his family as his own flesh and blood.
Actually… the club came before his flesh and blood.
That is, until he caught his childhood best friend, Caitlyn Blake, in the back room of the bar the MC uses to move their trafficked goods… and everything changed. Sure, they grew up in the same neighborhood, but they certainly didn’t have the same upbringing. And now she’s staring at him like he’s a god-damned stranger she hadn’t known her whole life…

And he can’t f*cking stand to see that look on her pretty face.
Leo reacts before he can even think, dragging her away from the evidence of his criminal activities, ignoring her objections, until her words stop him in his tracks. She claims she knows all about the “family business,” he’d tried so hard to shield her from when they were younger, and doesn’t give a sh*t… She’s here to find out why her brother disappeared with a group of bikers, and hasn’t returned home.

And she’s not leaving until she gets answers.
She says he’s the only one she can trust right now… and even knowing it could cost him everything, Leo’s desperate to see her look at him in the same way she did when they were teenagers.
But when the truth is discovered, will the good girl next door and the bad boy with a tragic history find happiness? Or will they end up like his past — dead and buried?

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