Bully Wolf’s Mate by Mia Wolf (ePUB)

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Bully Wolf’s Mate (Silverdale Wolves #6) by Mia Wolf – Free eBooks Download


My brother’s best friend used to bully me mercilessly.
He made cruel fun of my voluptuous curves until I cracked.
I hate him, but it’s difficult to avoid him in our small town.
Especially when I’m suddenly forced to spend lots of alone time with him.
Our pack is in danger from the demon wolves, and we’re put on patrol duty in pairs.
And guess who I got paired with? Exactly, him.
He says he needs to protect me, but I don’t need his protection.
He has no right after all he’s done. I can fight my own fights.
The biggest fight takes place inside of my head, though.
I can’t stop thinking about that one night, when his fingers caressed my curves.
I can’t stop thinking about the way his hands laid me bare and teased my shame.
And when the pregnancy test comes back and shows two clear lines, I wonder…
How much longer until I give into the bully wolf?

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