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bully, amy stephens

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Clay Banton has done it again…

With his court date coming up, Clay’s expecting to spend some time in the slammer for his latest speeding ticket. But when the Judge surprises him with community service instead of a hefty fine and time behind bars, Clay’s not so certain he’s up for the alternative. Who wants to scoop poop and clean up after a whole bunch of smelly animals?
Evie Thorsby loves running the local shelter and placing the animals in loving homes is her ultimate goal. When the latest intake, a loveable Bulldog by the name of Bully, finds his way into the heart of the newest volunteer, Evie knows the dog and Clay would make a great pair.
But Bully isn’t the only one who’s taken a liking to Clay.

Will Clay give in and give Bully the chance he deserves? Can Evie let Bully leave without arranging to see him again?
You don’t have to be a dog lover to enjoy this romantic comedy of two unlikely people falling for one another, but how can you say no to Bully?

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