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bulldog, elise gedicke

Bulldog (Via Daemonia MC #3) by Elise Gedicke – Free eBooks Download


José “Bulldog” Santiago is the Sergeant at Arms of the Via Daemonia Motorcycle Club. Once, he thought he had his life all figured out. He had his girl and life was good—until it wasn’t. His girl moved away, his mom was diagnosed with cancer, and his dad abandoned them when they needed him the most. At 18, Bulldog’s life imploded. Throughout it all, he never forgot her, his girl who got away.
When his brother, the deputy sheriff, calls him up one night to the scene of an abandoned vehicle, the last person he expected to find inside was the love of his life, Abby Knight.
After learning she’s been held captive in a cult her parents joined for the past sixteen years, Bulldog vows vengeance against any and all who harmed her.
He lost her once—he won’t lose her again.

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