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Building Bridges (Sater’s Creek #4) by Megs Pritchard – Free eBooks Download


Could Lachlan forgive Elias for all the hurt he’d caused him?

Lachlan Doyle loved his life. After ending a disastrous relationship where his ex ran up debt and left him to pay for it the last thing he wanted was a man in his life. Until he met, Elias, the school bully who had made Lachlan’s life hell.
When Elias apologizes and admits he’s gay, Lachlan responds with a punch to the face. No way was he letting the man who bullied him every day get away with a simple apology.
Elias was gay. Had always been gay but his parents hated gays with a passion. Forced to hide his true nature, he’d resorted to bullying the out and proud gay at high school, Lachlan, who he’d secretly wanted.
Now he was older and maybe wiser, he was done hiding who he was and who he loved. He wanted Lachlan and he was going to get him. Only one person stood in his way. Lachlan Doyle.
Could Elias right the wrongs of his past? Did he have a chance to prove to Lachlan that he meant what he said? And could Elias convince Lachlan that he wanted a life with him in it?

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