Bubblegum Pop by Abby Hunter (ePUB)

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Bubblegum Pop (Suck It Up #1) by Abby Hunter – Free eBooks Download


I’ve only ever wanted one thing since I started working at Club Heat…

And it’s them: Apollo, Zeus and Odin – my bodyguards. Two hulking twins and their gorgeous pack lead. After one hot night with the alpha pack, we were kept apart by a contract that can’t be broken. But that doesn’t stop me looking.
I can perfume on command, and that makes me dangerous. Every night I step onto the stage and strip for rich alphas. They bid on me, pay to spend the night with me, thinking I want them, but no-one knows my secret. I only perfume because I know my guards are watching.
They’ve protected me for two years, and we’ve hid our bond. I held on, hoping they would give in. But now they are leaving to work on the other side of the world, and abandoning me.
But I won’t let it happen. I have a plan, and, when I unleash it, no one will stop us from falling in love all over again.

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