Brute: Doom’s Legacy, Part 2 by Jeneveir Evans (ePUB)

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Brute: Doom’s Legacy, Part 2 (Angel’s Rebellion MC #14) by Jeneveir Evans – Free eBooks Download


My name is Warren Brody Hayes. I go by Brute. When my younger brother Doom was killed, it cast me into a darkness that I struggled with daily. The past year without my baby brother, my MC brother, and my best friend left me with a heartache that was so bad that I could only go through the motions of living each day.
Then a miracle, a light, appeared in the form of a young boy named Bronx, and with him came his mama, Seneca. Bronx wasn’t just any little boy, he was Doom’s seven-year-old son.
The moment I first saw him took me to my knees. He looked so much like Doom that if I were a child again and we were standing side-by-side, you wouldn’t know that it wasn’t his dad and me. Needless to say, from the very first second I saw him, a love so strong, so pure, filled my soul and I knew that I would do anything for him.
Absolutely. Anything.
Yet he isn’t the only one that I fell in love with. The first time I saw his mom, Seneca, she took my breath away. Since that time, I’m not sure that I’ve gotten it back.
But like everything in life, things weren’t perfect. We had a battle facing us that could potentially take away the light. It was a battle I was determined to win. Like the battle I was going to win for Seneca’s love. I refused to accept any other outcome. I couldn’t. I wouldn’t. Anything else was unacceptable.
Because I needed his light, her light, their love, to keep me from falling into the darkness again.

Note: This book is intended for mature readers 18 years and older. It may include sexual situations, biker slang, strong profane language, sexual assault, abuse, depression, abduction, death, murder and violence.
The books should be read in order of publication. They were not written as standalone stories.

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