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brutal scoundrel, aria cole

Brutal Scoundrel by Aria Cole, River West – Free eBooks Download


My size and appearance make me a monster in most people’s eyes. I’ve lived on the wrong side of the law my whole life, cold and unfeeling, disinterested in women, not needing love. It’s made me rich, it’s made me feared and it’s given me power beyond most people’s dreams. Then she steps in to cater a private meeting at my casino, and my whole world changes.

Safi is a perfect gemstone of unrivaled purity. A curvy beauty that makes me start to see the world differently, start to see another life for myself.

And she needs my help.

I’ll prove to her that I can be more than what I seem. I can be a protector, a tamed monster, a rock in the tumult of her life’s ocean. I’m here, my little sweet treat, and I’m not going to let go.

Author’s Note: This is the completely standalone third book in the Savage Saints series by Aria Cole and River West. It’s instant infatuation when these two meet, and they’ll stop at nothing chasing their happy ever after. Totally safe, absolutely no cheating and with double virgins finding their match made in heaven!

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