Brutal Prince by P Mulholland (ePUB)

brutal prince, p mulholland

Brutal Prince (The Players of Kingston Valley U #4) by P Mulholland – Free eBooks Download


Enough is enough.
My name is Gretta Nelson, and I am no one special; just a girl who’s damn tired of walking in fear.
So, in my fury, I volunteered to crawl into the dark crevices of the university’s secret society to identify the ringleader of the on-campus rape rituals.
I’m no fool; I didn’t go in alone. Accomplices, Ollie and Darryn, junior football jocks and current members of the Snake & Chalice, promised to have my back at all times and pull me out when I signal my distress.
As time goes on, I find myself falling into a dark circle of many layers with many players. For my own sanity and survival, I must keep my head above water and avoid becoming consumed by this alluring world.
But as the line between who’s good and who’s bad becomes blurred, I begin to question who is helping and who is hindering the process.
I will not go down without a fight.
The buck stops with me.

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