Brutal Lies by R.A. Smyth (ePUB)

brutal lies, ra smyth

Brutal Lies (Pacific Prep #2) by R.A. Smyth – Free eBooks Download


This was not part of my plan.
Enrolling at Pacific Prep was supposed to gain me freedom and a feeling of control over my life. Buried truths are being revealed, and my goals are becoming less clear by the day.
My entire life, I’ve wanted a family; wanted to know if I had one out there. I’ve craved answers and now that I’m getting them, I don’t know if I’m ready.
I have a brother, a family.
Sadly, the knowledge of that isn’t comforting, because I can’t trust them.
The same distrust extends to the guys that are invading every aspect of my life. Suddenly, they’re everywhere, demanding the truth from my lips and tugging at a heart that’s been cold for far too long.

Will the truth set me free, or rip me apart?

***This book is a reverse harem, meaning the FMC will have three or more love interests.
The book also has trigger warnings for bullying, violent and/or graphic scenes, dubcon, vulgar language and graphic scenes and references to self harm and past trauma.

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