Brutal Daddy by Bianca Cole (ePUB)

brutal daddy, bianca cole

Brutal Daddy (Chicago Mafia Dons #4) by Bianca Cole – Free eBooks Download


I’ll die before I call him daddy…
Within hours of reaching Chicago, I’m taken.
Strung up in front of the most dangerous man in Chicago.
Spartak Volkov expects me to cower to him and give up my family.
He wants my submission.
He wants me to betray the people I love.
He wants to use me to end the war.
None of that scares me, though.
It’s the sick desire in his eyes when he looks at me.
The way he calls me baby girl.
The scariest part of all, the way my body reacts to his touch.
The man is not right in the head.
He’s dark, depraved, and everything I shouldn’t want.
And yet, in his capture I feel protected and wanted.
His brutal ways are addictive and I fear I’ll never want to leave.
I vowed to never call him daddy, but he’s peeling back my layers and laying bare my deepest and darkest desires.
Perhaps we’re not so different after all…

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