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brutal, s valentine

Brutal (The Driven World) by S. Valentine – Free eBooks Download


A rollercoaster ride of intense passion surrounded by lies, deceit and mistrust, where secrets are revealed, and relationships are tested.
6ft 4, pure muscle, tanned, the bluest, most mysterious eyes I’d ever seen.
As soon as I met Elias Cortez I was irrevocably drawn. There’s no getting rid of him, he’s everywhere we go.
Within my reach, but completely unobtainable. Forbidden. My boyfriend’s bodyguard.
I’m bound to Thomas by things out of my control. If I leave, I’ll be destroyed.
If only Elias wasn’t so tempting. Never one for playing it safe, I end my toxic relationship and step into the dark side.
Now I know why they call him BRUTAL.
I hope I haven’t chosen the worst of two evils. But my heart won’t let me turn back…
Our love is fierce, passionate and overwhelming.
But loyal to his promise, Thomas gets his sweet revenge.
He’s started a war which can cost us all everything.
I’m not even sure Elias can protect us from this.
They say love conquers all. It’s time to take the test…

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