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Broken Worth (Gentle Sinners #3) by Amber Warden – Free eBooks Download


Beatrice wants to punish all who have hurt her.

Beatrice had more than accepted her role as a daughter of the mafia. She relished the passion she found in her arranged husband’s arms, never anticipating that the marriage contract would be broken to appease her father’s sins. Beatrice is left to an abusive monster instead, where her hopes disintegrate past her breaking point.
Montrell knows he’ll never earn forgiveness.
Without the proper pedigree, Montrell struggles for power among La Cosa Nostra. He’s overwhelmed when the mafia princess he’s betrothed to gives herself to him before the wedding, and is left reeling when she then backs out of the contract. Too late, he realizes she hadn’t been part of the betrayal.
When Montrell sees firsthand the life Beatrice has endured, blood spills. He forces her into their promised marriage as the only way to protect her, but on their wedding night has to face how deep her scars run. As he slowly shows her the respect she deserves, her mistrust begins to thaw. Soon they are making decisions for the family together, and Beatrice revels in the power and control she always craved.
Desire grows again between them, but with it comes new doubts and returning enemies. They vow to face them together, and this time Beatrice is willing to raze the earth to hold onto her future with the man she loves.
With wounded but vengeful heroines and protective, morally gray heroes, the Gentle Sinners series contains interconnected standalones with steamy, open door scenes and no cliff hangers.

Amber Warden’s stories often include characters overcoming tragic pasts or current hardships and may include situations that not everyone would like to read. Content notes are included in the look inside to help you decide if this story is for you.

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