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broken wings, jessica lynch

Broken Wings (Claws Clause #5) by Jessica Lynch – Free eBooks Download


He never thought he’d find the other half of his soul inside of a witch who’s convinced she’s soulless…
In a world where paranormals live side by side with humans, everybody knows about Ordinance 7304: the Bond Laws. Or, as the Paras snidely whisper to each other, the Claws Clause—a long and detailed set of laws that bonded couples must obey if they want their union to be recognized.
Because it wasn’t already damn near impossible to find a fated mate in the first place. Now the government just has to get involved…


I chase—
Azrael is an angel of death. These days, he’s the angel of death, at least on this side of the celestial planes. Though he’s not a reaper, Paras all know when they see the black wings, the flaming sword, and the scowl that he’s Death come for them.
It’s all part of the deal he made. Formerly one of the Fallen, he had two paths to ascension: doing good deeds, earning points, and getting his halo—or passing a trial that made him a true angel with a job.
He took the job, knowing there’s no quitting until he’s done.
But that’s okay. Track down one hundred Para souls, escort them to the other side when it was their time to cross over, and then he’d be free to live as an ascended angel with all its powers, none of its pressures.
Dodge McCoy was lucky number ninety-nine, and though he got a second chance at life, Az’s superiors decided that he counted. Which means that he has only one more to go.
But when Az’s boss sends down the next name, Death goes cold. Because this soul? He already knows it. In fact, his soul has always known it, in this life and in previous incarnations.
It’s Luciana, his soul’s mate.


I choose—
Luciana la Sorcière is top witch.
For the last sixty years, she’s been the CCO of Coventry—the Chief Casting Officer—and she always expected to be in charge for at least another fifty.
And then Priscilla Winters went rogue.
Cilla still wants to make the Alpha her bonded mate. Her latest plan? Take over Coventry—which means, first, taking out Luce.
When an unexpected attack has Luce seconds away from dying, Death appears in the form of the most attractive male she’s ever seen before in her long, long life. But instead of sending her to the other side, he inadvertently triggers a bond between them.
Witches don’t have fated mates. Luce in particular has never wanted a partner. A powerful loner with secrets of her own, she doesn’t know what to do with the bond.
But Az does. He wants to keep it.
And maybe she overdosed on some of her potions because, Goddess help her, she’s thinking about it.


Az and Luce are running on borrowed time. Their new bond has put a target on both of their backs, and if they don’t do something about it, it won’t be just Cilla who comes after them. The celestial auditors would like to have a word or two with Az about a missing soul…

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