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broken soldier, haley travis

Broken Soldier by Haley Travis – Free eBooks Download


Broken body, broken heart, all he needed was a woman who believed in him from the start…
Physical therapy sucked. I hated every miserable minute of it.
Until Molly appeared. The sweet, sexy goddess was just pushy enough to make me want to try harder. At everything.
Being around her made it impossible to stay angry and bitter. Her infectious optimism made me need to care for her—including posing as a fake date at her sister’s wedding.
But the sparks flying between us weren’t fake. And Molly’s sweet curves in my arms weren’t fake either. I needed everything she had to offer, wanted her. Wanted to deserve her.
I vowed to straighten out my life. Vowed to win her heart.
But when her caregiving nature pushes a little too far, it’s a cruel reminder of how damaged I am. She deserves a man who is as cheerful as she is, not a brooding man with a cane in his hand, a chip on his shoulder, and a dark, hidden scar on his heart.
How could a perfect woman like her love a broken soldier?

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