Broken Slumber by Elizabeth Greene (ePUB)

broken slumber, elizabeth greene

Broken Slumber (Darkhills) by Elizabeth Greene – Free eBooks Download


Her heart thumped and her body ached as the forest scratched and clawed at her, but there was no way she could possibly stop.

Brianna St. Clare was running for her life, of that she was certain. The problem was, she had no memory of what she was running from.
A dragon shifter’s lair becomes the perfect place to hide, and there’s no better creature to protect her from the repercussions of her past crimes, than a dragon.

As the two of them try to piece together the gaps in her memory, Brianna finds herself drawn to a man with whom she couldn’t be more different. She wants her life back, but some of the dragon’s possessiveness is rubbing off on her, and now she’s wondering if she can keep what is hers.

Etienne tasted her fear on the wind and his dragon demanded he act. Having rescued a lost and frightened woman in the woods, he may have found a new purpose for living. However, she is a journalist who had her memory wiped because she planned to expose the paranormal world. Is his dragon’s fascination with the woman preventing him from doing what he should, to protect others like him?

All he knows is, his drive to possess, protect and pleasure the woman will either save or destroy him.

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