Broken SEAL by Mayra Statham (ePUB)

broken seal, mayra statham

Broken SEAL (Real Hot SEAL) by Mayra Statham – Free eBooks Download


Lincoln O’Brien worked hard to become a Navy Seal only to get hurt during his third mission. While recovering from his injuries, he gets letters from a pesky, do-gooder high school teacher.
Letters he can’t seem to ignore and can’t resist reading over and over. Connecting has never been his strong suit. When he writes back to ask her not so kindly to quit, he’s surprised and annoyed when she doesn’t.
High school teacher Joy Espinoza believes in being the energy you want to attract and creating the change you want to see in the world. Everyone around her thinks it’s because she can’t help herself. But only her new pen pal sees the truth. Sees why she does what she does.
He might think he’s a broken Seal. His scars marked on his skin while hers are invisible to the naked eye.
Are they better together? Or will they be too scared to break the seal at a first real love?

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