Broken Saint by E.M. Gayle (ePUB)

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Broken Saint (Mafia Mayhem) by E.M. Gayle – Free eBooks Download


Nova may have met the man of her dreams, but he’s not the one she’s been sold to.

Five years ago, I made a deal with the devil. My father. A ruler in this city who wields his power with an iron fist. He raised me for one purpose and one purpose only.
To marry a man he chose.
No exceptions. No alternate options. And no ability to choose.
In exchange for my silence and eager submission, he offered me five years of freedom.
I jumped at the chance to experience that kind of life. Now my time is up.
Tomorrow, the man I promised to marry will arrive and everything I’ve built will come crumbling down. He expects my willing submission and rightfully so. It is what I have vowed.
My heart however…
Belongs to another man.
I may not know his name…
But I do know what it feels like to be in front of him, on my knees, waiting for his command.
After weeks of secret nights and promises not to get attached, I don’t want to walk away. When he learns the truth, however, I’ll have no other choice.
I slept with the enemy and enemies never forgive or forget.
My name is Catherine Novaline Cullotta and I am about to be sacrificed to the mob.

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