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New town, new me? Hardly. I’m not even sure why I’m heading to Broken Road and leaving behind everything I’ve known before. Ever since my best friend found love, I’ve been floundering, and that’s the only thing I can blame for my willingness to see what my grandmother, who I didn’t even know existed, has left me in her will.
I’m planning to go check out what I’m sure is a boring small town, figure out how to sell the house I’ve been left, and then head back to New Orleans. It’s where I belong. I certainly won’t be charmed by some town during the Christmas season. Not my style.
So why can’t I seem to ignore my neighbor Jonah, the sheriff, and his adorable little boy? I don’t even like kids. Except for Justin, apparently. The fact that all our names start with J? It’s way too cute for me. I need to keep my head down, but every moment I spend with my neighbors has me feeling like I’ve found the home I’ve always been looking for.

Being a single dad and the sheriff is all I have time for. It’s a good life and I can’t complain. Justin is my world and serving my community has always been my dream. They give me purpose when it would be easy to live in the past where it all went wrong.
I don’t think much of it when my son hangs a wish on the wishing tree that we’ve had in the center of town for years during the holiday season. Little boys should still believe in wishes. If I have it in my power to make it come true for him, I will.
Meeting our grumpy new neighbor, who is all frowns and sass wrapped up in a city girl package, has me feeling things I never have before. There’s something lost in her and everything in me wants to give her a home, even if she resists me and my charms. Joey has a get in and get out attitude when it comes to Broken Road, but I’ll show her she’s mine. My son made a wish, but it wasn’t for himself, and now I believe in wishes too.

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