Broken Pieces by Hana Meadows (ePUB)

broken pierces, hana meadows

Broken Pieces by Hana Meadows – Free eBooks Download


We thought we didn’t need anyone else.

We’re Maddox and Max Ostaire, all we need is each other.
Growing up identical, we felt like the same person.
Until Violet joined our family and made us realize there was always a piece of us missing.
We wanted everything from her but some things she wasn’t willing to give.
When we pushed too far, she ran.
Our perfect family was shattered.
Our lives torn apart.
She left and we paid the price.
Now, two years have passed and we’ve come to collect our missing piece.
This time, we’re not letting her get away.
But first, she has to pay for what she did to us.
Once we’re done tormenting her, she’ll give us everything we’ve ever wanted.

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