Broken Magic by D.N. Hoxa (ePUB)

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Broken Magic (The Dark Shade #2) by D.N. Hoxa – Free eBooks Download


The more I find out about the Dark Shade, the more I want to run, hide, and never look back.
I am not the only one searching for it anymore, but I’m more alone than ever. To uncover the truth of my past, I have no choice but to work with strangers, who are full of their own twisted secrets.
Except Alexander King. He is the only person who seems to know me from the inside out, better than I know myself. He feels safe, despite the fact that everyone warns me against him. He’s supposed to be a cold blooded killer, merciless, a true monster, but he unlocks my very soul with a single touch. Trusting my instincts is how I survived this long, so that is why I trust him.
But things are never what they seem, especially when it comes to the Dark Shade. My own mind manipulates me, and the broken magic that runs in my veins is slowly turning into my worst enemy.
And even though I want nothing more than to disappear, I have no choice but to keep going.

The Dark Shade is waiting.

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