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Rules single dads should never break…
1. Don’t hire your best friend’s little sister.
2. Don’t let her move in.
3. DON’T get her pregnant.

I hired Gen to be my live-in chef, not my future baby mama.
She’s supposed to be baking me a cake. Now I’m the one putting a bun in her oven.
Between business deals and bedtime stories with my 10 year old baby girl, my plate is full.
Definitely, don’t have time to be playing patty cake with the chef.
It’s only for three months. I got this.
But somehow, late nights in the kitchen have me lifting her onto the island and tasting what she has to offer.
If the appetizer is this good I can’t wait for the main course.
So when an ex shows up to threaten her life, he’ll find just how far this Daddy Warbucks will go to protect what’s his.
Nobody messes with daddy’s girls…
Not when a second helping of fatherhood is on the way.

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