Broken Captive by Amber Warden (ePUB)

broken captive, amber warden

Broken Captive (Gentle Sinners #2) by Amber Warden – Free eBooks Download


Alina has never truly lived.
As the daughter of the Pakhan, Alina is raised in a pampered cage for only one purpose. When her father is murdered, instead of the forced betrothal she grew up expecting, Alina falls into the hands of an enemy family. Tortured and broken, she finds a glimmer of hope in an unlikely rescuer.

Luka has only lived for vengeance.
After witnessing the massacre of his family, Luka becomes what he once hated. As a hitman for the Bratva, his hands are soaked with blood, but not the death he craves. During a contract, he stumbles across someone who reminds him of his past, and the flicker of life still within him refuses to leave her to her fate.
Luka hides Alina away while she struggles to accept what she’s become; someone willing to do anything to live, no matter the cost. But when the growing warmth between them flares into desire, Luka’s aversion to touch makes him realize all he has to offer her is ashes of who he once was.

Needing to free the one he loves, Luka returns to the only skills he has. They have a shared enemy, one Luka vowed to kill long ago. Only Alina’s own needs have changed. Instead of hiding, she’d rather burn the world down at Luka’s side.

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