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broken butterfly, jennilynn wyer

Broken Butterfly (Fallen Brook #3) by Jennilynn Wyer – Free eBooks Download


This is not your typical love story.
This is the story of a girl and four boys.
Elizabeth. Jayson. Julien. Ryder. And Fallon.
Elizabeth always called her three best friends, Jayson, Julien, and Ryder, her princes, and they called her their princess. They were inseparable. They were a family. What happens when the lines of friendship become blurred?
One man will claim her. One man will own her heart. One man will save her. And one man will break her.
Jayson, Ryder, and Julien have loved Elizabeth since they were kids. They grew up together. Shared their lives together. They were a family. Elizabeth’s choice almost tore them apart. Then one horrible night forever changed their lives and Elizabeth was taken from them, only to return over a year later a different person. That’s when things got interesting.
Elizabeth has always been my obsession. My fascination. She was the light to my dark. When her life exploded once again, she came running to me for help. Stupid girl.
You see, I have a secret. One that could destroy her.
Elizabeth thinks she’s broken. She thinks I can help fix her.
She doesn’t realize that I am as broken as she is.
She doesn’t realize that I am the villain in her love story.
Fallon was the only man who could save me when my life fell apart. I wish I knew he was also the only man who could break me.

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