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bridging silence, amy kaybach

Bridging the Silence (The Blind Rebels #1) by Amy Kaybach – Free eBooks Download


The first book in the Blind Rebels rock star romance series follows Kady, a broken ex-popstar trying to rebuild her life after suffering a devastating traumatic event and Mav, the charismatic lead singer of world famous Blind Rebels, who has been talked into doing a reunion residency in Las Vegas a year after the band broke up in a very public, very explosive way on stage.

I was a pop princess. American royalty. Until my ex, armed with a gun, turned my super star existence into a grisly nightmare. Now, living in a prison of self-inflicted silence, I’m battling to break out of my isolation by rediscovering the world from behind a camera lens.

Our band, The Blind Rebels, was globally famous…until our very public implosion. And I know, I share plenty of blame for that after tackling one of my bandmates on stage at Madison Square Gardens. Our label wants us back together. They don’t know our guitarist stole my fiancée and had a child with her.
I didn’t think I could ever trust a woman again…until I met Kady. She’s just as broken as I am, shattered by the heartless actions of another. Can we put our painful, self-doubt aside and learn to trust each other? Or will wounds from the past destroy our chance at true happiness?

This book contains adult themes and may not be for all readers. It is not recommended for audiences who may be sensitive to discussions involving mass shooting, bodily injuries or death, anxiety and panic attacks.

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