Bride for the Billionaire Silver Fox by Kate Tilney (ePUB)

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Bride for the Billionaire Silver Fox (Bride for the Billionaire #4) by Kate Tilney – Free eBooks Download


A silver fox billionaire who is used to closing major deals is ready to make the ultimate commitment to his curvy assistant.

I’m not the first person to have a crush on her boss. But if you could see him, if you could hear his voice, if you could find out just how good he smells, you’d totally understand. Still, because my boss is the ultimate professional, I keep my crush to myself.
Until one night he asks me to be his plus one for a fancy event. It’s unlike any other night out I’ve had. There’s a private jet, a glam squad, and a dress that makes me feel like a model. It’s a night I never want to end. Especially when a faulty sprinkler system forces us to share the only available bed at a hotel.

I’m a man who’s used to getting what I want. And from the moment I met Genevieve, I wanted her. But for more than a year, I’ve fought that desire. Until fate makes that impossible.
There are countless obstacles standing in our way. The biggest is that I’m her boss. But as a man who built an empire, I’m sure I can find a way around that. Because I have never wanted anything as much as I want this woman to be mine forever.

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