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briar rose, rebecca fittery

Briar Rose (Istoire Awakens #5) by Rebecca Fittery – Free eBooks Download


Deerbold Academy was founded to bring the ruling families of Istoire together. After years of hard work, its purpose is finally being achieved, but with a threat gathering in the Wasteland to the north, it may be too late.
BRIAR ROSE:The Headmistresses of Deerbold Academy took me in when I was a baby: giving me a family, a home, and opportunities I never would have had otherwise. My friends have started graduating and going off to do great things, but instead of starting great things myself, I seem to be losing control. My migraines are getting stronger, my magic is getting weaker, and the future I thought I was building at the Academy feels like it’s slipping away. I’m supposed to be an adult now, but instead of knowing what to do, I think I’m losing my mind. The only constant has been my best friend, Prince Raleigh. He wants me to come back with him to the capitol after he graduates, but I’m not exactly princess material, and I never envisioned leaving my home in the ancient forest. Does he really love me, or does he just not want to lose his best friend?
RALEIGH:As fourth child to the crown prince of Spindle the weight of ruling won’t ever fall on my shoulders, but it doesn’t mean I don’t have royal duties. One of those duties sent me to Deerbold Academy to ensure it became a success and to make friendships with other royals. I’ve spent the last four years and more happily fulfilling those tasks. As graduation approaches, I’ve started to realize my devotion over the years wasn’t dedication to the mission, it was dedication to someone—my best friend, Briar Rose. What I feel for her isn’t just friendship, it’s steadfast, wholehearted love. But there are mysteries swirling at the Academy, and the more I dig, the more it seems like Briar Rose is at the center of them. Until we figure out why, she won’t even think of a future with me as anything more than a friend.
On the night of her twenty-first birthday, Briar Rose’s questions are answered, and her world shattered. She’s left with a clear plan that could save the continent, but the only person who believes her is Raleigh. Can they find a way to fulfill Briar Rose’s vision despite the prophecy foretold at her birth? And will the feelings growing between them make them stronger, or ruin their friendship forever?

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