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brenna's yueltide song, cathy macrae

Brenna’s Yuletide Song (The Yuletide Treasures #2) by Cathy MacRae – Free eBooks Download


She’s the pampered daughter of a wealthy cloth merchant. He’s a Highlander with no intention of taking a wife. Their marriage would unite the shipping businesses of two great merchants. What could possibly go wrong? With Cristemasse only a few days away, Brenna le Naper has her thoughts on her newest gown. Her father, however, wants to see her wed. But marriage to a Highland barbarian is not the life Brenna envisioned. Far from it.

Uilleam MacLaren cannot believe his father signed a betrothal document in his name—much less to one of the Four Songbirds of Corbie’s Burn! Known less kindly as the Four Corbies for their chatter-box ways, the lasses may be beautiful beyond measure and with voices to make angels weep, but who wants a chantie-beak for a wife?

Will the beautiful songbird in her gilded cage reject marriage to the handsome Highland barbarian? Will the laird’s son refuse to wed the lovely chatterbox? Or, will a Yuletide miracle allow them to see each other for who they really are and give them a chance at true love?

Brenna’s Yuletide Song is the rollicking romance of two people who appear to have nothing in common. If you like stories about hunky Highlanders, impetuous heroines, and with more laugh-out-loud moments than you can keep track of, Brenna’s Yuletide Song will keep your nose glued to your kindle long past bedtime.

Brenna’s Yuletide Song contains a swoon-worthy Highlander, a flighty, stubborn heroine, a temperamental French chef, a wee puppy who causes a gey wheen of problems, Medieval revelry, an innkeeper’s wife with false teeth, and a host of perils and comedy that will make you snort your coffee. You’ve been warned.

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