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Bred Under Contract (Baby Breeder) by Ember Davis – Free eBooks Download


I hired Joshua to do a job for the company I run. The contract is very specific about the scope of work and doesn’t include anything about him wanting me. Still, he gives me the opportunity to get something I’ve always wanted—a baby.
There isn’t anything in the contract about him making me fall in love with him either. Joshua seduces me with words as he whispers dirty things in my ear. There’s something primal in his eyes when he says he wants to breed me, but that doesn’t mean we’re forever.
The more he says and the longer he looks at me like I belong to him, the harder it is to resist him. This is not the contract I signed, but maybe it’s the one I need.

I’ve seen my sister, Aspen, and my best friend, Liam, in their happy lives and I’ve let them be, thinking it wasn’t for me. I was wrong. The moment I meet Ava, I know she’s the only woman I’m going to need for the rest of my life.
The contract signed between our companies is just about the IT work she needs done, but what is between us won’t be over when the job is done. I’m going to plant my baby in her and watch it grow. The thought of having a baby makes her eyes light up, but she doesn’t realize I’m part of the deal too.
I’m going to make Ava mine and then I’m never letting her go; her or our baby. We have a contract, and I won’t let her break it.

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