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Breathless (The Boys of Mulberry Lane #7) by Kristin MacQueen – Free eBooks Download


After the worst day of my life, all I want to do is drink away my feelings. I’m done with dating and with women in general. I’m going to focus on work and my dog… until I walk into Kennedy’s Pub. Things with her are easy. Talking. Laughing. Being around her. It’s like she’s always been there. Even hours after my heart was put through the shredder. Can she be the one to help me heal?

I’m content staying single. Men don’t do anything except cause you pain and misery. I don’t give them the time of day, instead I focus on my bar. I focus on making it successful because my ex doesn’t think I can. Only, I need help. Blake stumbles into my life and though I want nothing to do with him, he’s the only one who can help me. The only one who can fix what’s broken. Maybe he can even fix my broken heart.

***Please note, this book was previously published as Kissing Kennedy. Over 15,000 words have been added, new scenes have been added, and this book has been completely re-written, but the core story is still the same.***

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