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I remember the first time I died. Lie lifeless in a puddle of my blood… And she was there trying to save me.
“Come on, Kian. Breathe for me.” I feel her palms pump against my chest and her tears pitter-patter againstmy lips. I swear I can taste the saltiness of them.
“It’s no use,” I remember whispering against her ear.
Then everything around me grew blurry and started fading away. Even me. Warmth streamed throughout my limbs, moving straight to my heart where it pumped rhythmically. My lungs expanded weakly, then my eyes shot open, and I began to breathe on my own.
The problem is the beautiful girl that saved my life that night thinks that I’m dead.
Now, I’m making it my business to let her know that I’m alive and well. That she’s the one who keeps my heart beating hard and strong in my chest.
She’s the reason I breathe…

Author Disclaimer: Breathe is a new adult, interracial romance that contains content about substance abuse, mentions of suicide, and adult content 18+.

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