Breaking Them Up with Brodie by Piper James (ePUB)

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Breaking Them Up with Brodie (Sweet Pea Flings #3) by Piper James – Free eBooks Download


What do you do when your strictly casual friend-with-benefits decides he wants to get serious…with someone else? You hatch a crazy fake-dating scheme with a stranger to make him jealous. Right?

I never wanted to be in a relationship…until I did. But when I asked my casual booty call to be my date for my best friend’s wedding, he dumped me for another woman. What’s a lonely, heartbroken woman to do?
Kiss a stranger at midnight on New Year’s Eve, of course!
When my ex saw me kissing the handsome Brodie, I could tell he was jealous, which got me thinking…
Could seeing me with another man bring him crawling back?

My career couldn’t take another scandal. And while being photographed kissing a beautiful blonde wouldn’t be a scandal for most people, it was for Broderick Bennet—a Hollywood heartthrob who cheated on his longtime girlfriend with a stripper.
That wasn’t how it went down, at all, but people will believe anything they read…including the director of the film I was dying to star in.
There was only one way out of this mess. I had to convince Keira McCain to pretend to be my girlfriend and fool the world—and the director—into thinking we were happy and in love. I’d get the role of a lifetime and afterward, we’d quietly break up with no one being the wiser.
It was the perfect plan. What could possibly go wrong?

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