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breakaway, avery keelan

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After nursing student Ryan Winters’ apartment lease falls through just before the start of junior year, she’s left scrambling for a place to live. And, growing tired of his self-imposed solitude, hockey captain Ethan Russell is looking for a roommate. Ryan moving into Ethan’s luxe condo seems like the perfect solution to both of their dilemmas. The only catch? A smoldering sexual attraction that they both try to deny. All that Ryan wants is a place to live– a place that isn’t the dorms or her friend’s couch. Still recovering from the aftermath of an ugly breakup, a relationship is the last thing on her mind. Besides, she’d never fall for a jockAll that Ethan wants is to focus on hockey and school– without any dating, drama, or heartbreak. After getting third-degree burns from his last relationship, he’s sworn off dating altogether. His life is back on track and he has control over things again. They both agree to keep their roommate arrangement platonic… with mixed results. Their friendship turns complicated when it turns out that you can’t control everything, particularly chemistry that is too strong to ignore.

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