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brazen deceits, maisie kane

Brazen Deceits (Brazen Boys #2) by Maisie Kane – Free eBooks Download


Four hot roommates? ✔ Mixed signals? ✔ Breaking the law? ✔✔✔✔✔

I’ve changed.
This world isn’t black and white, and dealing with my ex has taught me exactly how gray things can become.
Gray like living with criminals.
Gray like trusting criminals.
Gray like falling for criminals.
Walker, who keeps pulling me close and pushing me away, his artistry vanishing when we need it most.
Jansen, who dances in the shadows like he doesn’t even notice they’re there, laughing, begging me to join.
RJ, who hovers, just out of reach, hiding behind his silence and screens.
And Trips, explosive, protective, hating me even as we start to depend on each other.
Things are heating up, the games are set.
How far will I go to keep them safe? How far across the line can a good girl get before she’s painted in the same shades of gray herself?

Brazen Deceits is book two of the Brazen Boys series, a slow-burn, dark, forced proximity, new adult, heist romance series. Expect excessive longing, explicit content, more than one lover, and lots of broken laws.

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