Braving the Outbreak with the Duke by Fanny Finch (ePUB)

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Braving the Outbreak with the Duke by Fanny Finch – Free eBooks Download


Healing people is her purpose in life, but she would never imagine she could mend a broken heart…
When a horrible disease spreads like wildfire in Falmouth, Bridget Garvey cannot stand aside and watch people die. Her knowledge in medicine is vast, thanks to her doctor of an uncle, and her resolve to help the ill is even greater.
But as the daughter of the Earl of Exeter, she cannot do so openly. Instead, she hides her identity underneath a mask, a necessary precaution these days…
When the Dowager Duchess of Falmouth gets sick, no one seems to want to tend to her. Rumors of her son, the recluse Duke, have all the townspeople wary of approaching the manor. But when Bridget volunteers to enter the Duke’s household, she will find that he is simply a man in pain, looking for a reason to live.
And he may have just found it…

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