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brave heart, emma hamm

Brave Heart (The Dragon of Umbra #3) by Emma Hamm – Free eBooks Download


If they cannot free themselves from the bindings of an ancient curse, then all is lost…

Lorelei has seen the best and worst of this kingdom. She has fought through armies of the dead, fallen in love with a dragon, and discovered there may be more to her origin than she originally thought. Now, free from the rebellion, she can make her choice for where her life leads. If only that decision was a little easier.
With the eggs now in hand, Abraxas has never seen his life take such a turn for the good. His mate. His family. His future. It’s all within his reach and he will stop at nothing to ensure no person ruins that. Unfortunately, the only way to open the box of dragon eggs lies within the hands of a long dead warlock who started all this mess.
Unless, of course, he wasn’t dead at all.
New companions follow in their footsteps while Lore and Abraxas fight to remain together. They must unveil the secrets of the past, bring about a new age of dragons, all while falling deeper and deeper in love with each other. But there is still an undead King who wants them killed, and they may find war isn’t too far off on the horizon.

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