Branston Bandits: The Complete Series by Piper James (ePUB)

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Branston Bandits: The Complete Series by Piper James – Free eBooks Download


All 3 Branston Bandits books in one edition: The Turnover, Bump and Run, and First and Goal!

When the nearby city of Branston establishes its very own professional football team, the small town of Sublime becomes inundated with football players.
For Tessa, that means her first love––and the only man to ever break her––moves into the house next door while acting like he didn’t make her fall for him over a bet. And she’s not going to take it lying down. And when a drunken prank turns into a full-fledged war, all bets are off.
The last thing Roxy wants is to get involved in a romantic relationship with Miles Blake. But when he proves irresistible, they make a friends-with-benefits agreement. Enjoy it while it lasts, and when it’s over, no harm, no foul. Easy, right?
When Foster McKenna needs a place to lay his head until his house is built, Hadley offers him an extended stay in one of the rooms at her bed & breakfast. There’s just one little problem…she’s a virgin, she wants Foster to be her first, and she accidentally admits everything to him after a night of too many drinks. Did I say one problem? Make that three.

Lose yourself in three full-length novels filled with silly antics, snark, and spice! Guaranteed HEAs all around!

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