Brandon’s Very Merry Haunted Christmas by A.J. Sherwood (ePUB, PDF, Downloads)

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Brandon’s Very Merry Haunted Christmas by A.J. Sherwood – Free eBooks Download


When Brandon Havili gets recruited by the FBI, he’s immediately assigned to shadow his brother and the psychic Donovan’s anchored to. Brandon doesn’t mind this in the slightest. He loves his brother, Jon seems cool, and it’s a great way to learn how to be an anchor, which is what the FBI wants him for. It’s supposedly three weeks of just following people around and observing.

But there’s a hitch in the plans three days in. Brandon accidentally picks up a hitchhiker of the ghostly variety. Donovan is NOT pleased. Jon is amused no end.
Dealing with the ghost means going back to the place that Brandon accidentally got it from, Eureka Springs, Arkansas. They expect to meet up with an FBI medium, exorcise said ghost, and go home again.
FBI Medium Mackenzie Lafayette is not at all what Brandon expects. And for once, he’s quite happy to ditch the plan. Returning to Nashville could wait. He’s got a sexy medium to figure out first.

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