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Bradford, Bru and Brendan Too (Bondi Bears) by Colin Dereham – Free eBooks Download


A legally-blind man in an abusive relationship finds hope in a burly bear with a heart of gold.

Six years ago, I lost my mother, my eyesight, and my career within the space of months. Things only started to look up when my guide dog, Brendan, came bounding into my life. Then, just as I was getting back on my feet, I met Jarrod. His fiery personality drew me in from the start, but eventually he turned it against me. Nowadays, I live in constant fear that his nastiness may soon turn to violence. Nobody can know about this, though. There’s no way I’d be able to deal with that kind of shame and embarrassment. The only saving grace is that Jarrod’s insisted on an open relationship. With him out on the hunt most of the time, I can breathe easier.

I love my partner, but after twenty years together, he’s more of a best mate than a better half. When our sex life died, we decided to open up our relationship. It worked for a long time, but lately we’ve drifted even further apart. I want so much more from life, but at nearly fifty, I’m starting to believe my ship has sailed. And then I meet Bradford…
From the very first night I spotted that gorgeous little teddy bear being harassed at a bar, I wanted to save him. The more time I spend with him, though, I realise there’s no saving my heart. I can’t stand the nightmare I see whenever I look into his restless eyes, but the last thing I want to do is saddle an abused man with an ultimatum. He already has a bully. What I want to give him is love.
BRADFORD, BRU AND BRENDAN TOO is a hurt/comfort romance featuring size difference, possessive/protector, disability rep, and service animals. Please note this book contains themes of domestic abuse, coarse language and violence.

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